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About US

Two beautiful crazy fun-loving souls, friends in all moments of thick & thin or fat & thin, we have always been
together. No-no we are not friends from our crib.

We connected on 2017 bidding Goodbye to 2017 and welcoming 2018 and a brand-new friendship which gelled over a glass of whiskey. Cheers! Friendship as said is a connection of hearts and we are like sisters from different mothers.

We believe in having a healthy and hearty life to live longer and grow a healthy community.

We are homemakers’, mothers, self-made professionals, motivators and as said a healthy mother can only raise a
healthy family and in turn a healthy community.

We are on a mission to influence and motivate every women coming in our connect to stay healthy & happy (mentally, physically, emotionally) to raise a healthy community.

No we are not the serious chicks here we do it the fun way check our page.

Come meet us

Ashu Panwar

Ashu Panwar –Digital Marketing Strategist, Influencer, Wellness Practitioner & Madness Partner 1

Hello friends ! Welcome to my online space where I will share with you my daily thoughts on lifestyle,motherhood,health and well -being,food,travel,beauty,relationships & Digital Marketing .

I’ve started this blog to understand this crazy thing we call life and inspire myself and other beautiful women’s like me to lead a healthy and happy life.

Talking about my life- born and brought up in a small city of UP and then shifted to Delhi for my job. After spending 9 yrs in 9-8 job ,I went from being a corporate slave to a full time mom to a digital nomad.

I’ve always been a dance lover and tilted towards health and fitness.Most of you might resonate with my journey of on and off the mat.

After having a flavour of UP ,Delhi & Bangalore ,I currently live in Guru Gram with my husband Ashish and a lovely daughter Zara.Of course how can I forget My BFF Sonu Singh( A happy and a strong lady)

Being a mom is always my first priority, but when I am not with my kid I am working on my blog and helping people build their brands , especially Women through Digital Marketing.

I hope Lifestyle Brewery inspires you to learn something new, express yourself through your style and celebrate what makes you unique.

Sonu Singh

Sonu Singh – Influencer, Motivator, Image Partner & Madness Partner 2

Hello my lovely reader welcome to my life and to begin with born and brought up in Kolkata, shifted to Ahmedabad (because father was strict to keep me along), married and shifted to Bangalore and then relocated to Gurgaon few
years back to meet my soul Ashu Panwar.

I have travelled the 4 corners of the INDIA and I am your DESI GIRL.

I have always been into keeping my mental and physical status to FIT mode. I have always known as the Chubby girl in the group however remained active. At my thinnest also I was never the skinny one, so my definition of fitness has never
been skinny.

My motto in life is to be physically mentally and emotionally fit and I have accomplished that by running marathons (5 & 10kms) (do not put me on the 21Km pedestal that day would come soon).
I am mother of a toddler 5-year-old boy and boy what a job that is. I love this part of me to the core.

Professionally I am an international certified Image Consultant and a Mental Wellness practitioner. I love gelling with people
listening to their stories, being a part of their life journey be it transformational, healing or just happiness journey.

I would be sailing you all through this beautiful world of Self LOVE, Self Enhancement through my Magic World of
Image Management.

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Consider this space as your daily dose of Health and well-being to “live well and be happy”