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Confidence needs to be earned and not simply learned

Am I Confident?

How often have you asked yourself this question? I ask them a lot of time and every time it arises it is due to doubts and confusion that house my mind. I am sure every one of you too might also be going through this question once a day or maybe once a fortnight.

That is normal, as we are humans with thoughts and feelings, and with every situation, we undergo this Confidence Curve. I respect that because I may be a professional of having a decade of experience in Corporate Human Resource, a mother, a Mompreneur, an international certified Image Consultant, and a Lifestyle influencer still I go through this doubt in my mind every single time I face a new unknown situation.

I still remember my parent’s 25th-anniversary celebration some 12 years ago when I had to do carry out the event all by myself. I wanted this event to be a great success and give my parents all the happiness. So, I decided to design the complete event all by myself, of course, a few of my close friends were there to help and support me. During those times I was in my MBA degree.

To date, to be frank, I had never hosted or planned a complete event. In school, I used to be part of events but never host. There were friends or my classmates who were active members of all committees and captains of group houses and they used to work with teachers to host and organize events. I never pushed myself forward or never took the initiative to do it because of this same stupid question “Am I Confident, Can I DO It, What if I FAIL, and many more doubts”. 

Coming back to the event I was nervous, I was skeptical, I was apprehensive of my abilities to be the host and take center stage as I have never done that but I was determined to do this event because this is a milestone in my parent’s journey of togetherness and more than anything else I wanted to do it for my Mumma.

When I was going through so many emotional and mental pressure of this event going well and doubting myself so much at that moment my bestie told me

“Su etlu vichare che, bakka preparation choko hou joiye badhu saras thase” (she being gujrati said me this I will translate, it meant “Why are you so stressed my friend, we will do our preparation well and will plan every minute details, you will see everything would fall in place and it would be a great event”.)

Those words of her are still so fresh in my mind and I had like bookmarked it in my memory forever. We penned down the minutest details to perfection with a timeline attached to it for completion and the confidence boost which I as a person got that day when everyone appreciated my effort was immense. I cannot explain through my words. Thanks to all the support which my friends gave me.

Confidence can have many definitions for all of us and for me it was having FAITH in myself. It’s an attribute which helps us achieve 70% of our battle the rest 30% is won through other aspects. A confident person can manage his or her time, self, stress, anxiety, and even appearance well enough to give them that boost of achieving success. Success does not come only through HARD WORK it also comes through SMART WORK & taking RISK in life. The risk-taking ability when supported 200% by CONFIDENCE nobody can stop your SUCCESS.

Success is a culmination of so many aspects. One most important is CONFIDENCE. A confident person:

  • Knows his strengths and weakness well to be able to play with it at times of opportunities & threats
  • Knows his responsibilities well, so he is clear of what he/she wants to achieve in life
  • Knows when to take a risk as he has planned every aspect well.
  • Knows when to take that leap to achieve his GOALS
  • Is a resource which organizations would like to nurture and grow
  • Can manage his emotions and stress well
  • Looks for opportunities in distress too
  • Converts failures into learnings and achievement
  • Does not cry over spilled milk
  • Believes in the POWER of NOW and not Procrastinate things
  • WALKS the TALK of looking and appearing CONFIDENT TOO – appearance management is his key to success
  • Attracts only POSITIVE ENERGY
  • KEEPs himself completely motivated by going Inside within himself rather than seeking help from Outside
  • Can keep his self-doubt at bay

When CONFIDENCE gives us so many attributes to achieve our GOALS then why do we doubt ourselves so much? We should try to pull out ourselves from this black hole of low self-esteem and self-consciousness by following some amazingly simple yet effective ways. After that incident, I never looked back and always took the initiative to perform whenever I got the OPPORTUNITY too.

  • I became the topper of my batch in MBA
  • I bagged the best package in my college placement
  • I was appreciated for all my training workshops that as a coordinator I did in my professional life.
  • I was allowed to lead the 18 MDP workshop (Management Development Program Workshop) for my companies Brand Managers in association with IIM Ahmedabad.
  • I got the opportunity to work with the Marketing Guru Prof. Abraham Koshy while leading this MDP program for almost 80 brand managers.
  • I hosted so many employee engagements events on and off-site during my professional career
  • Now I stand as a mompreneur with my start-up venture in IMAGE MANAGEMENT. ( had never thought of it in my dreams ever, however now it is my reality)

Lets look at some techniques which helps to boost confidence.

6 – Simple techniques to BOOST SELF CONFIDENCE

  1. KEEP AWAY FROM NEGATIVE THOUGHTS – Challenge all your negativity and negative thoughts with a positive thought. Write these thoughts down, speak them aloud 3-4 times, and then when you do not feel hurt replace this negative thought with a positive thought and now shout these lines aloud 10 times. This would completely negate the negativity in you giving you a good positive boost
  2. STOP PROCRASTINATIONWo Subh kabi to aayegi sounds good in songs only as hope. However, my friend that morning is in TODAY, not tomorrow or the day after, and neither in the PAST. So, start acting today whatever you want to do. This will make you understand the power of NOW and not leave things on tomorrow as TOMORROW NEVER COMES.
  3. PLAN, PREPARE & PRACTICE – this important 3P formula should be the mantra of your life. Everything should be planned to the minutest of detail and it should look like a vivid dream. Then Prepare for all the pros and cons of that planned aspect and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. The saying that PRACTICE MAKES A HUMAN PERFECT should be bookmarked in everyone’s mind if you want to be CONFIDENT. Take this as GEETA ka gyaan and follow it like a ritual.
  4. DRESS IT UP – Do not forget to use APPEARANCE as your strongest tool. Clothes have the power to lift you and use it to the best of your abilities. Clothes as a resource can affect you Inside Out or Outside IN. Keep your wardrobe functional and resourceful. Colors play an especially important role in lifting your confidence so play with them when you are DRESSING UP or DOWN as per the occasion.
  5. SPEAK MINDFULLY – Words hold the power to pull someone down or uplift someone’s Self Esteem and Confidence. The mind can process 500 words/min, the mouth can only speak 120 words. Be mindful of what is coming out of your mind. Give that time for the mind and mouth to coordinate do not react respond.
  6. BUILD GOOD HABITS – Cultivating good habits of physical and mental exercise helps oneself to be in their control. You are in control of your thoughts and action since your mind is calm and you are not mentally disturbed. So, give that fuel of physical exercise and pranayama and meditation to the body so that it can be at peace for you to be at peace and be more confident.


So, earn it with good intention to motivate yourself and humanity and I am sure it will help you achieve all the success and happiness.

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