Climbing Stairs!An alternative to Running and Gymming.

Stair Climbing is the new Running

Lockdown is an opportunity to step up our health & Immune system

Since the lockdown 4.0 has begin due to the havoc created by Covid 19, we all have heard umpteen number of stories about not being able to go for running( gymming is anyways out of question), no jogging, no walks in the park and thus practically we are running out of all ideas for keeping ourselves fit.

On top of that, every house is having a marathon cooking ceremonies wherein the whole family is dedicatedly engrossed in making some or the other dish ranging from golgappas, jalebis, samosas to Biryani’s.

Most of you would have heard about indoor exercises in these times and I bet many of you must have visited umpteen number of YouTube channels to learn about various indoor workout strategies.

Here I am going to tell you a very simple and easy strategy to burn out at least double the calories than running or jogging. Not only that, it doesn’t require any dumbbell, tope jettlebell, rope, machine or any other equipment. The exercise I am talking about is Stairclimbing.

How Much Calorie you burn with stair climbing

Do you know that you burn .17 calories for every stair you climb!! And if you climb it in High intensity (HIIT) the effect is almost double. That means a whopping 8 calories/ floor and around 100 calories for a 10 minutes stair climbing. This is almost double than the calories burn through running as stair climbing requires you to go against gravitation( ever heard the Newton’s law of gravitation).

On top that you don’t need to go to any park, no extra preparations, no equipments. What else we all want in these lockdown time !!

The list benefits of stair climbing is also too long.Here are few of them

• Increased blood circulation
• Increased cardio strength( healthy heart)
• Removes depression.
• Strong lower body and legs
• Calories burnout even till 72 hours of exercise.( HIIT stairclimbing is Anaerobic)
• Reduces fat ( which all of us want)
• Glowing face ( I bet all of you want it)
• Makes you lean without losing out on the muscle mass.
• Boost your immune system( Fight against covid 19 effectively)

Folks, apart from this wonderful workout during lockdown to improve your overall health and immunity, I seriously suggest you to have some proven ayurvedic herbs on a daily basis. That will help you to boost your immune system. It is already been mentioned by our AYUSH ministry. The key herbs which you can use are Turmeric, Tulsi, black/white pepper. You can have the ayurvedic formulation by the name HARIDRAKHAND or BRESOL. It contains primarily Turmeric and tulsi and it’s an excellent remedy for your respiratory system.

Stay healthy and keep fit!!

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