Look for positives in negative time and Smile like a smiley

Coronavirus is affecting us in every possible manner. It has not only made our life miserable but also forced us to live inside our homes.

The pandemic has caused an economic loss globally. People, confined within the four walls of their house, are facing negativity around them. Although, there are many, who are actually trying to cope up with this, but still feel a negative environment around them

Here’s some of those positive changes taking place near you and will further increase a sense of satisfaction and positivity within you.

1) You are living in a pollution free zone.

Cleaner air has perhaps been the greatest positive effect of the lockdowns on the environment.

I remember few months back India was fighting for pollution control.I even thought my child would never breathe clean air in the city.

But with no vehicles on roads, no ferries, so few planes. Carbon emissions are sinking at the speed of light.

 In fact cities across the world have seen pollution levels plummet as people have spent less time in vehicles, offices and factories and more time at home..

Breathing in clean air is giving  many benefits, including:

  • Improved skin appearance.
  • Helps digestion.
  • Psychological and emotional stabilizer.
  • Better mood and normalized sleep patterns.
  • Reduce chances of lung, heart, and arterial diseases.
  • Less cancer cases

And many more.

I can see the clean sky from my balcony.Plants in my garden are shining proudly now.

2) Healthy habits.

People who were not getting time of their busy schedule to exercise.They can now do at the favourite corner of their house.

Do some early morning yoga in your balcony,do meditation.people who don’t know  how to do them,then many fitness experts have started giving online classes .

Do some spot jogging.So whichever exercise you are comfortable with.Their benefit is going to be immense in clean air now.

Nowadays, people have stopped eating  junk food and are having healthy, homemade dishes. With the increasing COVID-19 scare, people have started maintaining personal hygiene.

The fear of infection has encouraged everyone to wash their hands frequently and sanitise their surroundings Quarantine has also encouraged people to reduce smoking and alcohol consumption.

3) Spend time with your children.

In today’s busy schedule when you go to office or your,business,you  hardly get time for your children.

This is the best time to be with them .The children and even you will hardly see this time again when you are with them 24*7 for more than a month.

The kids will probably remember this as a wonderful time with their parents. Maybe this is the time you realise that you want to work less in the future and spend more time with your family

4)Work on relationships.

May its been long that you and your better half  have spent time together .May be ages.So think and work on your relationship.What is wrong in it and what is right.Focus on the right part more.

Drink evening tea together. Exercise together.Share your work as maids are not there.Have food together.Watch some movies/series together .Just sit with each other and say I am there for you.

Believe you me all these things will make a difference.

5) Decluttering. 

You can do all the things you never have time to do: sort your old clothes that you want to give away, clean your home, read those books lying on your shelf for a year.

6)Learn at least one new thing.

You can start being creative again: start writing that book you’ve been talking about for years, or start drawing again. 

Since ages you might be thinking to take some time out for your hobby.This is the time to persue that.

 Do some creative cooking.Enhance your cooking skills.

Take some online classes to enhance your skills. Else take classes for medidation/yoga/aerobics..

You can start being creative again: start writing that book you’ve been talking about for years, or start drawing again. 

Do what ever makes you feel happy.

So utilize this time and come out of this time with atleast one new thing.

7) You know you are saving money.

All in all being in quarantine will most probably make you spend less. And maybe you will make a pattern out of that and save more? You might even realise that you can live well with so much less

8)Lockdown is giving new ideas.

It is giving ideas to many corporate and business to focus more on online/remote work.So More work from home in future. 

Your boss might  even realise that remote working works, and might allow you to do that more in the future. You will have good points to show that it is possible and does not impact productivity.

9) Rethink about your career .

 I know this sounds far-fetched, but I do believe this crisis will have many impacts on us that we do not even foresee yet.

Maybe you will have time to rethink your career path Maybe you want a more rewarding job even though you might earn less.

Though this lockdown has many negative impact but positive side is one which will make us go through it smoothly and stree free.

So Good luck! And keep your eyes open for positive impacts of this crisis. #HappyQuarantine

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