“Happiness is a state of mind & not a set of circumstances”,

“Happiness is inbound from within you & not outbound from the worldly pleasures & costly things”,

“Happiness means to enjoy every little thing in your life”

and so many more……..

Agreed we all have read it, felt it, heard it and we know it. However, every single time that we need to remember this we fail too…

The other day Ashu and I had walked into our adda which is our go-to place to unwind ourselves.

It’s not a branded café however the kind of tea and eateries it has we always relish. I was scrolling through my social media account & a few of the posts caught my eyes and it made me sit and think

What am I doing and what others are doing?

Am I not utilizing my time and energy efficiently?

Am I losing on something in life too precious while being completely engaged in home and kid and other non-essential stuff?

Seeing me sad Ashu asked what’s up and I told her to let me share a few of the post—

—One of my colleagues (a bit senior to me) had posted about completing a certification course which I was planning to do. It made me feel good however it did put me on a thinking stage

—Few of my colleague started a YouTube channel and was posting some similar content which I was thinking and planning to start however could not because of various reasons.

—Saw a few of my friends from the fraternity networking well and posting about it in these crucial times. Looking at the post I was thinking “Why don’t I have such a network to fall upon?

To add on Ashu said yeah I know sometimes I too see so many feeds like this which makes me feel sad and wonder how are they able to do what they are doing and we are still thinking. Are you too in the same boat of feelings as we are?

Are you also scrolling through your social media account & getting these low confidence feeling seeing everyone doing reels and videos and other exciting stuff that is making you think or feel low about yourself?

Then, my friend, this is NOT YOUR CUP OF HAPPINESS. The moment you get sad seeing someone’s else achievement and compare it to your losses you will never find your happiness cup.

Happiness is truly INBOUND it comes from nowhere else but within you.

Yes Learning a new skill is important, doing something productive and utilizing the time that you have is important however not every PLAN, GOAL, or DESTINATION that you have set for yourself needs to be achieved at that given time when others are achieving it. This might not be your time to achieve that goal. Do not let your mental peace get disturbed otherwise it will lead to turmoil in your peaceful life.

We all are in the same STORM but not in the SAME BOAT.

Everyone has a different life, struggles, happiness & responsibilities to take care of and we know that everyone can do any job. However, the time too must be right for that.

Everyone has their time of achieving success and completing tasks. Yes, we do say that your goals are time-bound however if they are not getting fulfilled at that time God has a better goal for you. You should always be ready with PLAN B in your life.

Yes, you can do that course or start your YouTube channel, network well, or taking up a hobby and show it to the world but first, think do you want to do this. Is this your calling?

Introspect within yourself that doing any of these things that your tribe or fraternity or colleagues are doing would give you the desired happiness & sense of achievement.

This is not the time to just follow the herd and do what everyone is doing. Find your CUP (your interest area, your niche, your strength) which has YOUR HAPPINESS.

After being sad for a few moments, we smiled and picked up a cup of tea and said to each other – Chod na Yaar Chai pite hai (Let’s leave all this and relish this cup I am eager to drink it) and we chuckled in a big laugh. The best part of Sonashu is we can’t be sad for long even in our deepest feelings of being emotional too. That’s we vibe together gal pal.

Happiness is being present at the moment and enjoying the little things in life and as Sonashu enjoyed their cup of tea at their favorite TEA HALT in peace and serenity we laughed thinking about our mere thought that we discussed since past 10 minutes…….

We were so happy with this moment that cannot be shared through any of the posts on social media just to be felt. We found our CUP OF HAPPINESS in our ability to pen our thoughts on paper for you all my readers.

Now share your CUP with us waiting for your comments.

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